WHEDco’s Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC) is a performance and community space designed to showcase and amplify the Bronx's rich musical legacy. Envisioned as a “lab” space, the BMHC encourages artists and community members to gather, participate in performances, and express their vision for this cultural facility. In less than five years, the BMHC has hosted more than 400 events for nearly 14,000 attendees.  In 2019, the BMHC will move to its permanent location in the Bronx Music Hall at Bronx Commons, WHEDco's third and largest mixed‐use development, which broke ground in 2017. The Bronx Music Hall will be a state-of-the art venue where Bronx residents and visitors from around the city and the world can explore Bronx music history and understand its lasting legacy and contributions to today’s popular music, and actively participate in music and art making. 

1303 Louis Nine Blvd | Bronx, NY 10459
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